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Friday, May 7, 2010


It has been too many days since I wrote my last post... I have had very busy days, so I could spend a little time in my studio. There is too much to do before winter comes :)

Here are two cards to Cinco de Mayo celebration. As usual, I used drawings from EdithDesigns and for this special occasion, very colorful papers.

To “Max, Happy Cinco de Mayo” card, I designed a colorful pinata that moves! I painted the adornments of Max's hat with golden paint.

In the next card little Jo and Joe are celebrating the Fiesta. I added a garland that I made with small pieces of green and red holographic paper. Also the word "Fiesta" was made with the same holographic paper. Unfortunately it is not possible to see in this photo, but I painted the girl's skirt and the silver adornments of the boy's hat with sparkling paints. I put some "Margarita" flowers (Daisies) with golden centers as a "vegetal" embellishment.

That's all for today:) Hope to post my new card tomorrow!


Chris said...

Two great cards Edith. I really love the pinata too!

Beautiful Greetings said...

These are both adorable Edith but I am just in awe of that pinata! It is just amazing.

Linda64 said...

Edith. Love these cards. Really colourfull and makes me happy. Hugs